About Us

Today’s options for Table Tennis equipment is so vast that it often it seems like just one big black-hole of lists of rubbers and blades. Multiply this by the number of suppliers that are on the market and this becomes quite a daunting task to decide what to pick!

As league players ourselves we understand just how frustrating this can be and we have spent many hours looking at equipment sites, forums, review sites and spent several hundreds of pounds on the search of the holy grail of equipment only to find that the search continues.

What we offer….

China is the powerhouse of the Table Tennis world not only in their sheer dominance of the Men’s and Women’s game over the last decade, but also in the vast number of people that play the game. In order to feed this huge demand, Chinese companies offer a large selection of quality equipment that isn’t perceived as a “premium” brand and by offering these same brands to our customers means we keep our prices low whilst offering great quality products.

We are not saying that we can provide the holy grail of equipment by any stretch of the imagination, but what we do offer is competitively priced goods with information that you will hopefully find useful and informative.

At TTEquipment.co.uk we decided to start out with one of the most well known of these Chinese brands in the form of Yinhe (also known as Galaxy and Milkyway), not only have they been producing equipment since 1986, but they also provide equipment to a very high level in the Chinese Table Tennis world to provincial teams and Chinese Super League players which shows the standard of the equipment that they are producing.

Check out the supplier profile page for more information about the Yinhe brand.

We are also delighted to announce that we now offer Double Fish Table Tennis equipment and are the only official UK partner.  Double Fish have been producing equipment since the 1950’s and who’s quality speaks for itself by being one of the main equipment suppliers for the ITTF prestigious global events, most recently the 2018 World Team Cup held in London.

Check out the supplier profile page for more information about the Double Fish brand.