Clubs & Associations

At we understand the importance of having quick and simple access to “standardised” equipment for your club or association which is something that we already provide to a number of Table Tennis clubs and associations.

We can agree with your coach or nominated person a list of prearranged equipment and create special items (preassembled bats usually) that are available to you as members.  These items can then can be purchased through your club contact at a specially agreed or discounted price.

The advantages of this include:

  • Pre-agreed equipment that your coach or club contact has specially selected based on their knowledge and experience.
  • Your coach will know what equipment the players will be turning up with and that it will be appropriate for the players that they are coaching.
  • Your coach or club contact will have agreed a special price or discount with us and this will be made available for you.

If you are a club coach or you would like your club coach to deal with us or know more, please contact us in the first instance at or via our contact page and we can arrange direct communication.