Blade Categories

It is generally accepted that there are 7 blade categories.  These are:

    For all out offensive play without compromise. These tend to be very fast and suitable for pure out and out experienced offensive players.
    This category suits players who want great acceleration with excellent catapult effect. But note, these high-speed blades will reduce the amount of topspin you are able to generate on the ball.
    For direct offensive play with spin, speed and power.  It is especially well suited to players who play powerful loop drives and want to win fast, direct points. It also suits strong power blocking and counter hitting play close to the table.
    For medium offensive play with spin, speed and power.  Its design concept is aimed at getting the right balance of spin and pace with excellent touch.
    This provides balanced playing potential for all styles of play and is suitable for players who play both close to the table and away at mid-distance and are mainly pressurising through spin.
    For offensive all-round play mixing shots with topspin shots of variable spin.  A highly popular choice for active and dominant allround players. Combines well with most rubber types and adapts easily to the varying demands of the game.
    These blades are carefully ‘tuned’ to deliver exceptional control with response on demand.
    Ideal for attack orientated all-round player who need control but also sufficient speed to attack.
    For all-round players who mix attack and control shots in rallies.  These blades provide consistent levels of touch with just enough speed and are ideal for players who like to mix controlled pushing together with intermitting topspin play. A confident and popular choice for good allround performers who like to control to their game and for defensive players who like to attack.
    For all-round players who emphasise control and consistency from all distances.
    For traditional defence with emphasis on the chop from a far distance.  Usually soft wood blades that are very good for control and spin and are ideal for players who do not rely on attack to win points.

In conjunction with these categories, we here at will suggest a “Target” player for each one of the blades that we supply and we generally recommend that you use this rating first.

Here is how we group them together :

  • Beginner
  • Advance Beginner/Intermediate
    Allround +, Offensive –
  • Intermediate/Advanced
    Offensive, Offensive +

At this stage we do not stock Allround- and Defense blades, but please do not hesitate to contact us as we have access to the full range of blades from our suppliers and we may be able to obtain one to suit your needs.