Rubber Care/Maintenance

It goes without saying that your new equipment will need some TLC from time to time, but what exactly do you need to do ?

  1. Purchase a case.
    Whilst this may seem obvious, protecting the bat from getting bashed about in your sports bag or in the car between matches is a must, so we suggest you really should purchase one if nothing else.
  2. Regular cleaning.
    How I hear you ask?  Whether to use products or not and if so, what type of product should you use?
    There are many thoughts out there on this topic, but the general consensus is that you should perform a regular cleaning exercise on your rubbers.  Here are a few suggestions that we have seen …….

    The water treatment
    This is simply to clean the rubber with a bit of water.  Put a few drops of water onto the rubber surface, rub the surface of the rubber in a circular motion (with the palm of your hand for example) to collect the dust and dirt.
    Then, take a LINT FREE cloth or sponge and rub off the debris and excess water.  We recommend that when you do this you wipe in a single direction as not to move the dust and dirt back around the rubber surface.

    Using a cleaning product
    There are a number of cleaning products on the market.  The method of cleaning is much the same as described in the water treatment, but using the product in place of the water.

    Which cleaning product should I use/buy?
    A number of the products are usually safe to use on any kind of rubber, but be safe and check first as there are specialist versions depending on the type of rubbers that you use (so Anti, tacky etc).

  3. Rubber Protectors (the “extra” level)
    This is largely a personal choice, but it could be determined by the type of case that you purchase (is the lining lint free?), how dusty the venue is, how humid the venue is etc.  What we do suggest though is:

    1. if you are using a tacky rubber, purchase the non-adhesive protectors.
    2. if you are using a non-tacky rubber, purchase the adhesive protectors.