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“ATHLON 2” is the unique high bounce inner power table tennis racket rubber with premium sponge, the rubber adopts high elastic tooth-shape grain design to enhance the hitting power of the rubber.

Excellent weapon for the players who play close to the table or from mid distance and play fast attack with loop-drive.

***Please note that this is a brand new product for TTEquipment and we may drop ship this directly from the manufacturer if demand is high.  This may mean that the product could take 20-40 days from point of order.  ***
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“ATHON 2” rubber with sponge takes advantages of RELEASE energy technology, this rubber has the features of fast speed, strong spin and medium high control.

The rubber:

  • adopts the unique high elastic tooth shape grain design and it makes the impact force increase at the moment it touches the ball.
  • is matched with the new flexible high quality sponge which makes it quite easy to control the ball.

This product is made by unique formula and techniques which makes the friction force further strengthened and which makes it easy to form froward loops and reverse loops also.

It is an excellent weapon for the players who play close to table or not far away from the table and fast attack with loop-drive.

***Please note that this is a brand new product for TTEquipment and we may drop ship this directly from the manufacturer if demand is high.  This may mean that the product could take 20-40 days from point of order.  ***

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1 review for Double Fish Athlon 2 Rubber

  1. Nick Howard (verified owner)

    I recently received an order from a relatively new Table Tennis shop in the UK (, and after chatting with TTEquipment on the Table Tennis daily forum, I decided to get some of the new Double Fish (DF) rubbers he was going to start stocking.

    The order I received was:

    Blade – Yinhe T7s (used in this review).
    Black Rubber – DF 8338
    Red Rubber – DF Athlon 2

    This review is about the DF Athlon 2.

    Initial impressions:

    Packaging was much nicer than I had expected for a rubber at the cheaper end of the scale.

    Athlon 2 is billed as DF’s “top end” rubber, and is advertised as a thickness of 2.2mm and a hardness of 45 degrees.

    Initial squeezing of the rubber would suggest it’s a little harder, but not much.

    It came out of the packaging with a slight dome, but not as drastic as the 8338.

    It was slightly less tacky than 8338, but still gripped a stationary ball and could “lift it” up to about 10 inches before it dropped.

    Uncut, it weighed in at 61 grams and DF give it the following stats (out of 12):

    Speed: 11
    Thrust: 10
    Spin: 12
    Control: 11

    Playing Experience:

    The first thing I noticed on the basic forehand to forehand drill was the incredibly low throw angle – More typical of a Chinese rubber, and a long way from any Euro rubber.

    After a small adjustment, I could comfortably hit solid consistent strokes.

    Whilst the speed suggests it’s quicker than 8338, I’d personally disagree – If anything, I’d have 8338 at 11, and Athlon 2 at 10.

    Due to the hardness of the sponge, you didn’t get much help, so if you weren’t playing a positive stroke, the ball was going no where.

    In forehand looping rallies, it’s quick! It has a few more gears than it would seem, and you can generate extra spin when hitting the ball faster.

    It’s similar to 8338 in that respect – Generating spin from a static ball (serve), is not the easiest.

    In my opinion, this is not a backhand rubber at all – It’s too hard and requires too much effort for the majority of people to play with it comfortably on the backhand.

    But on the forehand – If you like Hurricane 3, you’ll like Athlon 2 – Perhaps even more.

    Blocking took a little adjustment again, but once I’d done that, I found it easy to block and drive block on opposing loops.

    This is the one area people who have been used to Euro Tensors will really benefit – The block and counter loop ability of the harder Chinese/Euro rubbers like Athlon 2 is better than the typical Euro/Jap rubbers (IMHO).

    It’s also good in the short game, due to the lack of rebound effect.

    But if you find yourself out of position, I’m afraid you will be getting no help with this rubber – It really is for people who can play a positive stroke in all positions, so if you are someone who often gets caught out of position, and ends up playing a block type return away from the table – This rubber won’t be your friend.

    That being said, I’ve seen some lower level players get on with this, because they can still swing hard, and not have to worry about the ball spinning and bouncing away.

    It can certainly cater for both the low end, and the high end of the playing spectrum.

    I’d like to thank for helping with some of the Chinese translations!

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