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Double Fish Qi Ji Table Tennis Rubber adopts the new patented technology” OSMOSE INVERSE”, the “Internal stickiness molecule” rubber.

Due to the new technology, the rubber maintains the stickiness of the rubbers surface.

***Please note that this is a brand new product for TTEquipment and we may drop ship this directly from the manufacturer if demand is high.  This may mean that the product could take 20-40 days from point of order.  ***


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Double Fish Qi Ji Table Tennis Rubber adopts the new patented technology” OSMOSE INVERSE”, the “Internal stickiness molecule” rubber.

Due to the new technology, the rubber maintains the stickiness of the rubbers surface.

The “Osmose Inverse” Technology

Rubber Black Technology. Specially designed for ABS new material balls.

Because of sunlight, air, moisture and other oxidation factors, traditional tacky rubbers loses its stickiness. Under the “Osmose Inverse” technique, the new type of molecular viscosity is very stable. This new technique makes it possible for the stickiness molecule to be stored in rubber inside the surface, as the rubber is used new stickiness molecules will be released and ensure persistent tackiness of the rubber surface.

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1 review for Double Fish Qi Ji Rubber

  1. Andy Smith (verified owner)

    Summary Review
    A half-tacky topsheet on a modern porous sponge. Very linear speed but with very high spin through either brushing (via tack) or mechanical (via grip) looping.

    Lacks a little speed but monster spin makes it a total weapon for close-in allround spin-based players, and is brilliant for serving too.

    Full Review
    The quality of the rubber overall is very good with no blemishes or irregularities anywhere. The topsheet in particular is very nice and has an unusual gelatinous quality to it when you move it under your finger. I haven’t tried every rubber ever made, but I’ve never seen a topsheet quite like this before.

    Uncut size is 168×167 and weight is 67g.

    It looks like another rubber to put into the Chinese “hybrid” catch-all category.

    Basic Drives
    The base speed is a bit slower than typical eurojap – the slight tack slows things down a tad, and the catapult is pretty steady up to the higher gears – at which point it speeds up a bit without becoming crazy fast. In speed terms, it reminds me a bit of a lower-tack Target National, or perhaps DHS Tin Arc. Arc feels medium, speed is steady. Very easy to use – not for hitting lightspeed winners, but for controlled aggression.

    Short Game
    Good! The medium speed and general linear catapult help a lot with keeping the ball tight. The slightly tacky topsheet does feel a bit “grabby” which adds to spin sensitivity at times – you feel this most when playing very passively. Flicks work well but need a bit more muscle to generate speed. Serving is excellent – spin is very high on a range of ball contacts and it’s very easy to keep the ball short.

    It’s definitely a little slower than the common eurojap crowd so needs a more active approach to the ball when blocking. And it’s quite spin sensitive, so you feel that on more passive blocks. It’s quick enough when hitting to do a job, but if flat hitting is important to you then this isn’t the kind of rubber to think about really.

    Very, very good. This is the interesting aspect of this rubber, and I think it comes from the unusual topsheet. The first thing to say is that this rubber has an incredible feeling of balance between tacky and grippy spin. It has just enough tack to avoid any ball slip, and give good results when brush looping. But it also has a real sense of ball sink and mechanical grip when looping more conventionally. So it’s very forgiving of slight inconsistencies in stroke when looping – if the ball drops too much, brush it up and the arc increases. If you mistime a brush, the ball sinks into the topsheet and you get a decent topspin ball anyway. It lends itself to a continual, consistent, high-spin loop game. Through the medium gears the result is really excellent – as good or better than any other hybrid I’ve used in the past. In the really high gears it tops out a little in spin terms.

    Qi Ji is a really interesting rubber. I can’t remember the last time I used a rubber which gave this much spin out so easily while retaining an easy-going nature. The topsheet is really quite something, and feels very different to me (although I could have missed another Chinese rubber doing something similar of course) – with the odd sense of grabbing the ball it gives, I’ve found myself doing some very high quality service returns, and it’s really wonderful at lifting backspin – hardly any effort at all. A major plus for it – I can’t remember a rubber so effective and forgiving when opening up.

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