Yinhe Jupiter 2 Rubber

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Yinhe Jupiter 2 Rubber.

Pairing a power sponge with a specifically designed top sheet, it can help you overwhelm your opponent using sheer force alone.

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The “Power” rubber, Powerful and domineering.

Jupiter 2 is Yinhe’s latest power rubber.

Pairing a power sponge with a specifically designed top sheet, it can help you overwhelm your opponent using sheer force alone.

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3 reviews for Yinhe Jupiter 2 Rubber

  1. Andy Smith

    Tacky, medium-soft topsheet with a medium hardness, porous sponge. Good basic speed with a very linear response makes it easier to use than many popular Chinese style tacky rubbers, and the softer topsheet and more flexible sponge help when caught out of position. Very easy to spin the ball up and generate high arc with mechanical or brush strokes. Lacks a bit of top-end speed so if you like to finish points off with power then pair with a faster blade (7-ply or composite perhaps).

  2. Dean

    Summary: Very easy to use, good amounts of spin both on shots and serving.

    I would class myself as an all-round player with a liking to attack the ball whenever I get the chance, but as a lower league player I don’t have the technique to fully engage the spin potential of the medium euro style rubber that I normally would use.

    I noticed that FH Topspin was a little lacking in my game, so I purchased this rubber as a test to see what it would be like to have a tacky topsheet that still had some catapult to it and I have to say after just one session I was very pleasantly surprised.

    Without changing my technique I was able to apply greater amounts of topspin with ease and my blocking and ability to steer the ball on to the table was improved. The only thing I had to contend with was not being able to “touch” the ball as easy, but this was soon sorted by being a bit more assertive with the shot.

    I wondered about the service with this being a tacky rubber and whether putting a long ball would be tricky, but I found this to be easy too, so both long and short services were good. The spin potential on my serves were excellent too (for my level anyway).

    A couple of comments from my opponents about the amount of spin I was generating and the odd serves I was able to produce has helped me realise this was a good move.

    I have this paired with a Yinhe e-4 blade and found that this was more than enough for me on the speed.

  3. Nick Howard

    The Jupiter rubber is a medium hard, medium/fast rubber that will be easy to pick up and use. It’s no where near as “bouncy” as your typical ESN based Euro rubbers, but it’s not quite as “dead” as your typical Chinese rubbers.

    The top end speed is good when looping, but I’m not sure it really has the pace to be an out and out speed machine. There are certainly better options if you are looking to finish the points quickly with speed.

    Spin is decent at both the lower and higher ends of the scale, and there is quite a distinctive “click” when playing with it (some will love this, whilst others will hate it).

    Having tried it on both forehand and backhand, I’d say it suits the forehand more. The lack of easy speed, and effort required is not conducive to a decent backhand attack.

    Blocking is solid on both wings, and the rubber has a nice feel to it.

    Overall, it would favour someone looking to be aggressive, whilst maintaining a decent element of touch – Would benefit an attacker with the physicality to utilise the need for a quick swing and decent reset.

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