Supplier Profile – Double Fish

Double Fish Sports
 Group bear the memory of several generations, shoulder the dream of generations.

From the middle of last century till now, from the Pearl River to the whole of China and to every corner of the world, Double Fish Group deduce an immortal legend, and running to a new era.

In the 1950s, next to Boluo Temple, Double Fish first generation started their business only with three treasures. At that time, people could not image that Double Fish can resound through the world after decades. Decades of hard journey, Double Fish strive to create the best and achieve to be a Champion amongst brands. Since 1970s, Double Fish have obtained acknowledgement and drawn attention from the world and became the first international Chinese brand.

In just a few decades, Double Fish Group have expanded from China to the world and provided equipment to many national and international tournaments including Table Tennis World ChampionshipsTable Tennis World CupOlympic Table Tennis Games and so on, all the way witnessing the champions journey of Chinese athletes and World Champions.

Double Fish targets to be an international top brand and will go forward continually with passion, joy, win-win and transcendence.

Double Fish, always swim to a champion road! Double Fish, swim to a new era! Double Fish Sports!