Supplier Profile – Yinhe

(also known as Galaxy or Milkyway)

Yinhe has been at the forefront of advanced table tennis equipment production since its founding in 1986. Through rigorous and methodical research and development, Yinhe’s technicians have mastered the latest techniques in crafting superior table tennis blades and other equipment, including two patents in the field.

Yinhe’s products are sold not only within China but also globally where they are increasingly the preferred choice of many discerning players.

Han Guohua, a leading first-generation table tennis craftsman and designer, has contributed deeply to Yinhe’s blade designs.  Possessing more than half a century’s worth of industry experience, he has incorporated into its blades the positive traits of many of its European and Asian peers, through the latest manufacturing techniques, heat treatment technologies, and carefully selected wood veneers. Yinhe’s blades are both powerful and easy to control, providing the basis for a high- spin and varied attacking game.

Yinhe has also meticulously developed and expanded its range of rubbers over the years.  Their highly experienced team of engineers have created a series featuring powerful sponges and speedy surface rubber which are suited to a wide variety of playing styles.

Modern table tennis is an evolving game and will continue to develop in the years to come.  With a thorough understanding of this evolution and a deep commitment to creative equipment design and development, the Yinhe brand is now widely recognised by industry professionals, table tennis players and fans alike.